Privacy Policy

Human Essay Writer takes your privacy and confidentiality seriously. This explains why we express a strong commitment to data security and privacy protection.

What information does Human Essay Writer collect?

Human Essay Writer collects the following information when you visit our website:
  • The page you are currently on and the exact activity
  • The web page that referred you to our website
  • Country or geographical location/IP
We also collect the following information when you place an order with us or you provide the information voluntarily:
  • Your name (either real or pseudo)
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Academic level and course

How does Human Essay Writer use your information?

We use the information we collect from our clients and other users in the following ways:
  • For communication and customer purposes
  • For improvement in service delivery
  • For security reasons for our users, admins, and the website

What tools does Human Essay Writer use?

We use software systems such as, Google Analytics, WP forms, among other tools, to collect the said data and track what actions you take on our website. These tools, especially WP forms, help us collect data when you are placing an order on our website.

Will your information be shared with third parties?

Human Essay Writer does not share your information with any third party. The only third party that can access your information is your chosen writer, and we practice the Principle of Least Privilege to ensure that he or she will only access the minimum possible information that would allow them to handle your orders as required. In most cases, this information includes your email, academic level, instructions, deadline, and maybe your first name.

Does Human Essay Writer Use Cookies?

Nope, the Human Essay Writer website does not use cookies. We are also committed to Do Not Sell My Information regulations and laws, which ensure that we do not collect or sell any of your information to marketing agencies or third parties.

How do we keep your data safe?

We have strong data security in place. We use the following to keep your data secure:
  • Effective data governance
  • Strong security measures and tools such as SSL, encryption, firewall, and network security, among others
  • Frequent cybersecurity training for our support team and IT team
  • Strict adherence to data privacy and confidentiality laws and regulations

Can I Trust Human Essay Writer with my data?

Yes. You can trust Human Essay Writers with your data because we uphold the highest cybersecurity standards and strict data governance to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

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