FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can I hire a human essay writer?
Is there a free human essay writer?
Can AI replace human writers?
Nope, AI cannot replace human essay writers. There have been rumors that AI will most definitely replace human writers because it can write far much better than a human being. However, this is not true because AI can hardly give an essay a human touch, just like a human writer would do. Again, AI-generated content amounts to AI plagiarism. So, human writers will always be needed to provide authentic content for different needs, either academic papers, sales copies, blog writing, or SEO writing, among others.
How do you detect AI plagiarism?
AI plagiarism can be detected using Turnitin AI detector and other AI detectors such as ZeroGPT, and Copyleaks, among others.
Is using AI to write essays bad?
Yes, using AI to write essays is bad because it violates academic integrity in various ways. First, it amounts to AI plagiarism, which can lead to failing the course or being expelled from college.  AI generates responses by scrapping online sources such as web pages, videos, and blogs; it has limited knowledge and can hardly provide 500 unique responses to the same query/question. Second, generating essays and academic papers using AI hardly provides an interesting learning experience because you hardly research or interact with the content because content is generated automatically.
What is AI plagiarism?
AI plagiarism amounts to using AI tools such as ChatGPT or QuillBot to generate content without giving proper credit or paraphrasing it in your own words. It is a serious offence just like general plagiarism, and has negative consequences as mentioned earlier.
Is QuillBot an AI writer?
Yes, QuillBot is an AI writer, and its content can be detected by common AI detectors, including Turnitin.
How can I bypass AI Detectors?
There are only two ways in which one can bypass AI detectors, which include writing from scratch and paraphrasing the content generated by AI to increase perplexity and burstiness. The first strategy, writing from scratch, is the most recommended because not only does it avoid AI plagiarism but also integrates human experience and human touch into the content. It is recommended to use AI for research, but you are not supposed to use the content generated by AI as is. This is supposed to give you ideas and concepts to write about or incorporate in your write-up.

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